Recycle your Cell Phones

The average length of time a consumer in the US keeps a cell phone is around one year. An alarming 140,000,000 cell phones end up in landfill every year, where they contaminate the earth and water supplies.

Thank You Drayton Valley!

Your generous donations of used cell phones helped us in the 2013 Think Recycle Earth Day Contest!

We placed THIRD out of 109 participating organizations across Canada, collecting a total of 551 cell phones during the campaign.

Our prize - $250- plus $644 for the cell phones

All acceptable items handed into the Foundation will be sent on to Greentec for recycling. Greentec in turn pays the Foundation a set amount per recycled item.

There are no costs to the Foundation in taking part in the scheme, as even postage costs for sending the items to Greentec are covered.

Recycle Your Old Electronics

We all know what a difference recycling can make for our environment. Everyday, thousands of old electronics are needlessly disposed of in landfills across the country. Recycling programs such as ours not only redirect waste from the landfill, they help reduce carbon emissions and conserve our natural resources. Now your recycling efforts can help support the Drayton Valley Health Services Foundation.

How the Program Works

The Foundation will provide individuals and businesses across Drayton Valley & Brazeau County with a FREE, convenient way to recycle their old cell phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, and iPods. Simply place your items in a communal collection bin at the Paperchase, call us for monthly pickup, or request a collection bin for your office. Discarded cell phones can also be dropped off at Dunn-Right Communications, Go West Wireless, or Floden Electronics. All funds realized from the recycling program will enable the Drayton Valley Health Services Foundation to purchase special medical equipment and patient comfort items that may not otherwise be available. If you would like more information about the recycling program please contact Colleen Sekura at (780) 621-4914 or by email

We accept these items:

Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Laptops, and iPods

Unfortunately we CANNOT accept these items:

Toner and Inkjet Cartridges, Printer and Fax Machine Ribbons, Toner Bottles, Batteries, Keyboards, Mice, DVD’s, CD’s, Data Tapes, Video Games, Power Cords and Cables, 35mm Cameras and Film, Televisions, Rulers and Pencils, Telephones including Cordless Phones, and Fluorescent Lights